Corporate Retreats

Star Valley Lodge is designed to offer a truly unique and world-class gathering place for corporate retreats, reward excursions and private leadership conversations. Our mission is to provide the best customer service, in addition to an environment that easily promotes creative thinking, successful team building and exclusive, memorable off-site activities.

The Star Valley Lodge staff shares the collective mission of creating a climate that enhances communication and fosters partnerships, while minimizing the buzzing nightlife distractions of a big city. Professional work can be scheduled anytime throughout the day, depending on the objectives of each group. Event planners and meeting coordinators are encouraged to bring their own design format, or consult with our Training Director to bring their vision of the most relaxing, productive corporate retreat your team has ever experienced.

With city attractions low on the radar, guests will choose to enjoy the great outdoors. Star Valley Lodge is in Bedford – a very small town in Wyoming, with several other small towns nearby.  Your business or organization can easily plan for a special activity in our area, or make reservations for a special dinner in town. We believe flexibility and autonomy are necessary to insure every professional activity for your team is both enjoyable and productive.

Click over to our Activities page to see what we have for your team to enjoy, depending upon the season. You can choose as many outdoor adventures that fit into your schedule! And, rest assured… with our high speed WiFi and other tech equipment available, doing business at the Star Valley Lodge is a breeze.